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So You Want To Go Caving?

So You Want To Go Caving?

This video follows a group of cavers underground. For two of them it is their first ever caving trip. The video is aimed at potential cavers and shows what to expect ...

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More Extreme Caving in Burrington Combe - Lionel's Hole

Another video in the series 'Remember We Do These Caves So That You Don't Have To.' The round trip in Lionel's Hole is definitely is not one for ...

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Best Extreme Caving Video Moments 2017 with Dudley Caving Club

Video highlights of 2017 with Dudley Caving Club. Filmed in Hendre Spar Mine, Lionel's Hole, Longwood Swallet, W/L Cave, Ogof Ffynnon Ddu, Calf Holes, ...

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Caving in Cwm Dwr - South Wales

The Cwm Dwr Entrance to the OFD cave system starts as a climb down a shaft and then follows some tight crawls to enter the heart of the mighty Ogof Ffynnon ...

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Caving Claustrophobia Kill or Cure

It's a myth that all caves are tight, muddy and squalid, but unfortunately a lot of them are! Featuring members of Dudley Caving Club negotiating very confined ...

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Justin Caruso - Caving ft. James Droll [Lyric Video]

Justin Caruso - Caving ft. James Droll [Lyric Video] ✘ Spotify: http://spoti.fi/Proximity ✘ Facebook: http://bit.ly/FBProximity New Justin Caruso is incredible.

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The Vice Ogof y Daren Cilau (Warning: Do NOT watch if claustrophobic)

For those who aren't sure if they would like caving but like the romantic idea of being the first to discover new worlds under the bustling UK. So you're not misled, ...

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Caving Video: Return to Daren Cilau

A caver fails to get through the entrance crawl in Daren Cilau. Initially he swears to never visit the cave again, but then becomes determined that he will not be ...

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Justin Caruso - Caving (Lyrics / Lyric Video) ft. James Droll

Your Home For The Best Electronic Music With Lyrics! Justin Caruso - Caving (ft. James Droll) Lyrics / Lyric Video brought to you by WaveMusic Download Justin ...

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Best Extreme Caving Video Moments on YouTube 2014

Amazing cave exploration in 2014. Cavers: Chris Ahn Ryan Baker Sanjana Baker Jason Ballensky Derek Bristol Luca Chiarabini Sid Creutz Clinton Elmore Tom ...

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John Jones - Caver Dies While Exploring Cave with Family in Utah

This is a movie based on the story of John Jones ...

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Wara Kalap - Caving Exploration in Papua New-Guinea

A team of caving explorers went into the heart of the rainforest, in Papua New Guinea, to search for giant caves and underground rivers. They want to ...

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UK Caving Video Best Bits 2012

This video features highlights from all of the caving trips (where video was taken) that took place in 2012. Some of the clips have not been used in previously ...

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Claustrophobic Caving

THIS INCREDIBLE video shows cave explorers chipping away at a tiny crack until it is just large enough for one of their number – a Briton - to squeeze through ...

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Caving Video: Pwll Y Gwynt

Another cave in the series 'We do these caves so that you don't have to'. This cave with little record of visitation provides some sporting caving with its tight ...

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WOWO - Caving in Papua New-Guinea / Spéléo en Papouasie [EN-FR]

More infos on: http://petzl.com/en/outdoor/news/in-field/2013/03/07/video-wowo-caving-in-papua-new-guinea Whether in France, in one's home country, or on ...

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Best Extreme Caving Video Moments on YouTube 2012

Adventures in the most remote places on earth.

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Caving in the Wallonia Region of Belgium

Caving Vlog #60 During a visit to Europe to attend a polymer conference I had a few days to tour some areas of Holland, Germany and Belgium. While in ...

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Caving Single Rope Technique Rigging Skills

A rare opportunity to capture a full SRT rigging coaching session in action. The caver pictured took part in 3 days of intense training in all aspects of european ...

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Extreme Caving in Burrington Combe

Extreme caving in the deepest caves on Earth - Goatchurch Cavern and Sidcot Swallet, England. Watch from the edge of your seat as you witness Dudley ...

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The holy grail of caving

Harnessing the power of gravity with cutting-edge technology | http://bit.ly/CaveTracker Understanding the way rocks flow under the force of gravity is essential to ...

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Caving in Spain

Caving Vlog #12 A week was spent in Portugal and Spain with a couple of days spent visiting the limestone region in and near the Picos de Europa national ...

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Caving Safety Video.

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Solo caving in tight caves

Warning* This video may give claustrophobic feelings Video includes tight dark places! This caving exploration adventure take place in warsaw caves, which is ...

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Caving in Porth Yr Ogof

Porth Yr Ogof (translated as the gateway to the cave) boasts the largest entrance of any cave in Wales at over 17 m wide and almost 5 m tall. Porth Yr Ogof was ...

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Expedition Caving in Mexico - PESH 2017 - Part 1 of 2

Caving Vlog #8 Part 1 of 2 videos of this year's Proyecto Espeleologico Sistema Huautla (PESH) expedition to the deepest cave in the western hemisphere in ...

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Dudley Caving Club 50th Anniversary - Director's Cut

Dudley Caving Club was originally called Dudley Cave Rescue Team and it was formed in 1966 as part of the Dudley Auxiliary Fire Service after a number of ...

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Caving New Zealand

Exploring the largest cave in North Island New Zealand.

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Caving Rescue & Confined Spaces, PART 1 CASE FILE N.013 RESCUE RESPONSE TEAM | Block and Tackle

Visit Rescue Response Gear at: https://rescueresponse.com/ Part 1 of this High Definition video of two boys exploring a cave is sure to grab your attention.

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Justin Caruso – Caving (ft. James Droll) [BEAUZ Remix]

Justin Caruso – Caving (ft. James Droll) [Beauz Remix] ✘ Spotify: http://spoti.fi/Proximity ✘ Facebook: http://bit.ly/FBProximity Always good to have JC back on ...

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